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Churches are open and welcoming to all. You do not have to be a Christian to go into a church, or to appreciate a building and its contents, or the peace that churches can offer.

Where to visit

Use our map to identify where there are churches near you, and see our featured churches pages for themed articles on churches and some of the items they contain.

Opening Times

During the week, many churches are unlocked during daylight hours, particularly during the summer months, and those that are not usually have details on display of where a key can be found. This will usually be at the home of a member of the congregation. To ensure you can gain access we suggest you contact the church in advance.


Sometimes churches can present a number of obstacles to easy access. For example, there may be steps to the main doors and inside there are likely to be further changes of level. Many churches have undertaken works to ensure there is level access and that ramps and even lifts are available. If you are concerned about access we recommend you contact the church in advance of your visit.

Please also be aware that by the nature of their age churches with historic floors are likely to be uneven and churchyard paths can also have uneven surfaces.


Not all churches have their own parking area. Again, check the information on the parish website (if one exists) for details, or expect that you will need to find somewhere nearby to park and there could be a short walk.

Toilet Facilities

An increasing number of churches have at least one toilet available for use by visitors. Although many new facilities include accessible toilets, due to the age and nature of our church buildings this is not always the case. If this is likely to be a concern to your visit, contact the parish in advance to ascertain what facilities they have or what is available locally.

Finding other churches to visit

Use our map to identify other churches in the vicinity. Also see the links to other sites as well as details of church trails here.